The kitchen is the heart of your home, and it’s also one of the most popular gathering spaces. There’s always something going on in this busy room. Whether it’s spilled milk or an impromptu food fight, it doesn’t take long for a once tidy kitchen to turn into a complete mess. But that doesn’t mean you need to spend hours cleaning it up again. These creative clever kitchen cleaning tips will ensure your kitchen always sparkles from top to bottom.

Tip #1: Scrub Your Cooktop with Baking Soda and Vinegar

It’s impossible to prevent spills when using the cooktop. And burned-on food is an eyesore. Regular soap and water aren’t enough to remove these tough stains. Instead, try covering the surface with a layer of baking soda and vinegar. Although baking soda seems soft to the touch, it’s actually quite abrasive. When mixed with acidic vinegar, it turns into a stain-busting solution. But it’s still gentle enough to use on all cooktops surfaces, including glass.

Tip #2: Polish the Sink with Oil

Cooking with olive oil tonight? Try coating your kitchen sink with a thin layer before you put the bottle away. The oil will add a pretty sheen to the sink, and it will also protect it from getting scratched. Olive oil will even keep your sink cleaner for longer. Unwanted dirt and leftover food particles won’t be able to grip onto the oily, slippery surface.

Tip #3: Cover the Top of Your Fridge with Plastic Wrap

Have you ever looked at the top of your fridge? It’s a prime hangout for dirt, dust, and sticky grime. And reaching up there isn’t an easy task. Instead of balancing on a step stool to scrub your fridge, try covering the top with a layer of plastic wrap. Once a month, remove the dirty plastic and replace it with a fresh piece. Your fridge will remain clean, and you’ll never have to climb up there again.

Tip #4: Clean While Cooking, Not After

The worst part about preparing a meal is cleaning up the kitchen when you finish eating. Instead of ruining dinnertime with after-dinner chores, try washing the dishes while you cook. If you use a pot, rinse it clean immediately. Put any dirty dishes into the dishwasher right away. Make it a habit to wipe down surfaces during meal prep, and you’ll be able to enjoy more exciting activities after you eat.

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