Even if you may think you do a pretty good job of keeping the house clean, there are some filthy spots that require extra attention. While the house may appear clutter-free and tidy, knowing that bacteria is lurking is enough to unsettle anyone. We are here to help you identify the dirtiest places in the house, so you can ensure you are getting a deep-down, germ-destroying clean.

Here’s a shocking top seven list of the grimiest spots in your home:

#1: Carpets

Regular, thorough vacuuming is crucial to keeping your carpets clean—and not just because it makes them look good. Bacteria and germs thrive in the fibers of carpeting, and you may be shocked to learn the carpet often has more bacteria than your toilet seat! Home cleaning experts recommend vacuuming all carpets and rugs at least twice each week or more often in high-traffic zones to eliminate germs and bacteria.

#2: Sponge in the Kitchen

You washed the dishes and sprayed down the kitchen sink with a cleaning solution, but what about the kitchen sponge? The damp nature of the sponge creates an optimal condition for bacteria growth. Sanitize the sponge or throw it in the dishwasher after each use to keep unwanted bacteria at bay.

#3: Toothbrush Holders

It goes without saying, the bathroom is a germy place. The high humidity creates a breeding ground for bacteria. In fact, each time you flush the toilet, bacteria can settle on your toothbrush holder. It’s a gross thought, but it’s true. When you clean the bathroom, don’t forget to sanitize the toothbrush holder.

#4: Bathtubs and Showers

Another dirty spot in the bathroom is the bathtub or shower. While you may think these are for keeping your body clean, they are the area in your home that poses the highest risk for germ transmission, including unpleasant fungal and bacterial infections. Protect your family’s health by disinfecting the bathtub and shower each week.

#5: Kitchen Counters

The counters in your kitchen catch all the food-borne pathogens from raw meat and veggies. To avoid contaminating your food and kitchen utensils, spray down the counters with a disinfecting solution after each food preparation session.

#6: Dials on the Stove

How often do you wipe down your stove dials? Like the kitchen counters, stove dials can collect food-borne pathogens and bacteria as you frequently touch them when preparing meals. Don’t forget to wipe them down with a disinfecting cleaning solution when you clean the counters.

#7: Refrigerator

Your refrigerator is dark and damp, creating the ideal conditions for growing yeast and mold. Without proper disinfection, you can contaminate food. Wipe down all surfaces in the refrigerator, including the drawers, to protect your food and your family from illness.

Ensure the Dirtiest Places in Your House Are Germ-Free

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