When it comes to getting your house ready for an event, house cleaning is a crucial task. It may not be as fun as menu planning or decorating. However, you cannot skip the house cleaning tasks if you want your party to be successful and your guests to feel comfortable. If you are unsure where to begin, this handy pre-event house cleaning check list will help you get the job done right in less time and with less stress.

Get Rid of the Clutter

The fastest and easiest way to transform your living spaces is to declutter first. Clutter on the tables, floors, shelves and other surfaces makes your home look unkempt and dirty, even if you just cleaned it. By putting items where they belong and getting rid of things you do not need, you’ll be able to enjoy clear counter space and surfaces that give an instant appearance of tidiness.

Move from room to room in your home. To each room, bring one basket or tub for items you will gather to put where they belong and another container or trash bag to place items you need to put in the dumpster or donate. Then, you can sort through those items later to put them in their proper place—whether it’s a closet, drawer, recycling, or the Salvation Army.

Bonus: You’ll find it’s much easier to clean the rooms with all of the clutter gone.

Prep the Coat Closet

Making sure your coat closet is ready for the guests. This is an important task some homeowners forget until the guests arrive and there’s nowhere to put the coats! Before party day, remove unnecessary items from the closet and ensure there are plenty of hangers and space for coats and sweaters. This is a quick task that you can complete in 5-10 minutes to make a positive impression on your house guests. A tidy coat closet is much nicer than a coat pile in the spare bedroom!

Restock Bathroom Supplies

When you have a party or event, it’s safe to say guests will need to use the bathroom. Buy plenty of supplies to ensure the bathroom has everything it needs, including toilet paper, fresh hand towels, hand soap, and air freshener. An aromatherapy candle or vase of fresh flowers adds a lovely, thoughtful touch to enhance the bathroom ambiance.

Speed Clean

If you have time before the event to deep clean, go for it. Take it room by room, cleaning from the top (shelves, light fixtures) to the bottom (baseboards and floors). However, if you are short on time, speed cleaning is your best bet!

When you walk into each room, think about what you notice first. Those are the items you want to clean before the guests arrive. Here are the cleaning tasks that will make each room look guest-ready:

  • Remove trash from every room and empty every trashcan.
  • Dust, sweep, and vacuum—in that order!
  • Make the beds. It only takes a few minutes, and a tidy bed makes any bedroom look better.

Let the Experts Clean Up for You

Going through this pre-event house cleaning check list will help you get your home party-ready in no time. But if you would rather let local house cleaning experts handle the tasks for you, reach out to the team at Mom’s Helping Hand. We will professionally clean every space in your home. Then you can focus on decorating, meal planning, or getting a pre-party pedicure. Request a quote for house cleaning services in Roswell and beyond.