Have you ever wished you could be one of THOSE people who seem to always have a spotless, tidy, fresh-smelling home? When you walk into their home, you may feel a twinge of jealousy…and then guilt. Why does their house look so great while yours always looks like a tornado just went through it?

We are here to uncover the secrets that help these homeowners achieve the cleanest homes on the block. So keep reading to learn five ways you too can take action to become the proud owner of a tidy home—no matter what shape it is in right now.

#1: Declutter to Clean Less

The less stuff you have, the less you’ll have to clean. Clutter makes housekeeping more difficult. Taking steps to declutter will enable you to spend less time cleaning and more time enjoying life. Here are some easy ways to declutter your home:

  • Make three piles of stuff: give away, trash, and keep.
  • Donate the giveaway pile and recycle the trash items.
  • Organize what you are keeping. Everything should have a place—whether it’s a closet or a cute basket or bin.
  • Clear counters and tables—they tend to be clutter collectors.

#2: Clean Little by Little

When you have a busy schedule, cleaning as you go is the most effective method to keeping a clean, tidy home. Cleaning a room from top to bottom can be time-consuming and overwhelming and isn’t always necessary. Breaking each living space into small tasks can help you keep your home looking great in only a few minutes each day. Here are some micro-cleaning tasks that can add up to a spotless home:

  • After brushing your teeth, wipe out the sink and clean off the bathroom vanity.
  • Put dishes in the dishwasher immediately after using them.
  • Make the bed as soon as you rise in the morning.
  • Avoid throwing towels and clothes on the floor. Instead, put them away or place them in laundry baskets to prevent clutter.

#3: Leverage Technology

Today’s tech advancements have provided dozens of useful housecleaning tools you can use to get more done in less time. Consider investing in robot vacuums, smart litterboxes, or air purifiers, which offer hands-free cleaning to save you tons of time and effort.

#4: Share the Cleaning Tasks

Do you feel like you and only you are responsible for keeping your house tidy? It may be time for a mental shift. If you live in a home with other family members, they can pull their own weight.

Create a chore list and make sure each family member knows how to perform their assigned tasks. Even small children can help with jobs like dusting, wiping down counters, and picking up toys. When everyone jumps in to help, you’ll be amazed by how much cleaner your home will be.

#5: Bring in the Pros

In some cases, the best thing you can do to get on top of your home cleaning is to let the pros do it for you. If you find cleaning stressful or your schedule is especially busy, there’s no shame in hiring a professional cleaning service to help. With the right team on the job, you’ll be able to enjoy a cleaner home while having more time for the activities you love.

Let Mom’s Helping Hand Help You Achieve the Cleanest Home on the Block

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