When the pace of life is fast and every day seems full to the brim with activities and tasks, house cleaning is typically one thing that goes on the back burner. Or perhaps you just dread cleaning the house because it feels like it takes forever. Whichever scenario resonates with you, we have the solution: fast house cleaning!

Here are five simple steps to help you save tons of time while still meeting your house cleaning goals:

Step #1: Grab a Trash Bag

When you clean your house, you will find stuff in every single room that should go in the trash. Having a trash bag with you will save you from making repeated trips to the trash can. Plus, it will help you avoid the temptation to cram stuff in a tub, box, or drawer, which only contributes to clutter. With your trusty trash bag by your side as you clean, you’ll be amazed by how quickly you can declutter the room.

Step #2: Choose One Room and Stick to It

Speaking of saving time going back and forth—choose one room to clean at a time and stay on task until it’s tidy. You will waste a lot of time if you go from room-to-room-to-room. Bring a laundry basket with you so you can place the items that belong in a different room inside. Instead of running into the bedroom to hang up a sweater while cleaning the bathroom, you can put it in the basket and put everything away later.

Step #3: Start at the Top and Go Down

By cleaning the higher surfaces in a room first and then working your way down, you won’t have to clean up the lower surfaces more than once. For example, cleaning the floor first and then dusting will mean the dust lands on the floor. Save time by working from top to bottom in each room.

Step #4: Keep a Bucket of Products and Cleaning Tools

Because the goal is to stay in one space until it’s clean, you will need to have a bucket of all the cleaning solutions and tools with you. Again, we are trying to avoid the running-all-over-the-house issue!

Step #5: Speed Clean Once a Week

Instead of committing to marathon cleaning projects, try speed cleaning once a week. These short, powerful bursts of cleaning, room-by-room, will give you better results in far less time. You are essentially turning yourself into a highly efficient house cleaning machine.

Still Don’t Have the Time? Let the Pros Do It for You!

Let’s face it, even with fast house cleaning steps, you may not have the time (or desire) to make it happen. That’s when you can call on the experts at Mom’s Helping Hand. Our trusted, experienced house cleaners will whip your home into shape with the best cleaning solutions and methods. Connect with us online now to request a quote!