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So, we got a new puppy! So cute and everyone in the house was so excited.  After about 15 minutes I quickly remembered why I don't love puppies.  It happened, she had an accident in the family room, and then again... and again.  I tried to remain patient, but patience has never really been a strong characteristic of mine.  

After about six months, Zoey has gotten much better about going outside.  We seem to have limited her accidents to the hardwood floors, that is at least a little better.  So I was very grateful for the opportunity to get our carpets cleaned.  

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It's Halloween season again!  This is one of my favorite times of year for decorating.  When our kids were younger I always volunteered to bring the treats for the parties.  However, I am also a procrastinator so I would freak out realizing they had to be ready the next morning!  

I love this first recipe because of that very reason.  It's super easy and quick.

The second recipe is probably more adult party oriented and perfect for those with a sense of humor.  Since we love guacamole, it is perfect for us.

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Halloween Treats

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As the green movement continues to grow, people are discovering alternative uses to products that have seem to be less toxic to us as well as the environment.  There are advantages and disadvantages to each product but instead of droning on, I created an easier way to compare :) These are what I considered to be the main points of interest for the comparison. 

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According to many historians, the term "spring cleaning" dates back to the ancient Jewish tradition of cleansing your home in preparation for spring time memorial feast of Passover.  

In North America, during the 19th century

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Solutions for stinky feet

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There are some smells that are very distinct and instantly recognizable, like stinky feet.  There are millions of people that suffer from smelly feet but in our home, soccer cleats and teenage feet are the source. 

There are a few tricks that keep your feet and shoes smelling clean and fresh!

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We look and price multiple homes each day, and the questions and concerns are often the same. "I am not sure if we can afford a cleaning service" or "I am not sure if we need a regular service."  US News and World Report just wrote an article asking a similar question.  The article goes on to ask if it is a good financial decision to hire a cleaning company?  It is a very good article, and I have provided the link.  Although the article is well thought out and addresses many concerns a homeowner would have from a financial stand point, I wanted to provide a different point of view.  

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You have probably heard people say, "Why clean the house if it's going to get dirty again?"  This excuse might ring true for some, but people should also know there are more incentives to cleaning than just having a sparkling house.  There are health benefits to your home being as clean as it looks.  Here are a few:

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I want to start out by thanking our awesome customers who took the time to vote for us.  We are truly humbled and honored, and we know that there are a lot of great companies to choose from in the cleaning business. 

We have won many awards over the years, but what makes this one truly special, is that it was voted on by the public, our loyal customers. 

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March 6-12, 2017

  February is prime time for Flu season.  Since 1982 the CDC has been collecting, compiling, and analyzing cases of the flu to understand when outbreaks are most likely to hit as well as keep the public as safe as possible.

Based on the CDC, February is not only prime time for flu season, it had twice the outbreaks of the second highest month (December).  

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February is prime time for the Flu 

Tips for fighting the flu this season