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Cleaning Services in Ball Ground

Ball ground carpet cleaning
ball ground house cleaning

Residential, Commercial, Laundry and Carpet Cleaning Services in Ball Ground, GA

Laundry Cleaning Services in Ball Ground
​The chore that never ends, until now.  We can wash, dry, fold, and even deliver your clothes for you.  Many times we can do it in 48 hours.

According to Wikipedia, some records indicate Ball Ground was originally named Battle Ground on early maps. The town is located near fields that the Cherokee people used to play stick ball, a rough game similar to modern lacrosse.  It is home of the only airport in Cherokee county and has seen some interest from Hollywood for it's beautiful surroundings.  Keep up with places to eat and things to do by visiting the official Ball Ground Facebook page, and eat at Amos' BBQ, you won't be sorry!

Ball Ground


Cleaning Services in Ball Ground

ball ground commercial cleaning

Carpet Cleaning Services in Ball Ground
​Carpet cleaning from the company you have trusted for years!  Call us today at (770) 345-7134.


Cleaning Services in Ball Ground


Cleaning Services in Ball Ground

Laundry service in Ball Ground GA

Commercial Cleaning Services in Ball Ground
​Each day we work with small business, schools, and churches to help them focus on their customers while we take care of the cleaning.

Residential Cleaning Services in Ball Ground
Coming in to a clean home at the end of the day will put a smile on anyone's face.  Call today and come home with a smile tomorrow!

Ball Ground Residential cleaning

Ball Ground commercial cleaning

Ball Ground carpet cleaning

Ball Ground laundry services

Ball Ground Cleaning Services.
Ball Ground, GA
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